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Who is the Father of the Astrology ?

Bhrigu Muni, The Father of Astrology - April 9, 2019 :

Krishna is in Bhagavad Gita, his divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada Chapter 10

maharsinam bhrgur aham

giram asmy ekam aksaram

yajnanam japa-yajno smi

sthavaranam himalayah

Father of Astrology


maharsinam—among the great sages; bhrguh—Bhrgu; aham—I am; giram—of vibrations; asmi—I am; ekam aksaram-pranava; yajnanam—of sacrifices; japa-yajnah—chanting; asmi—I am; sthavaranam—of immovable things; himalayah—the Himalayan mountains.


 Of the great sages, I am the Burg tribe. Vibration I am a transcendental om. In the sacrifice I am the chanting of the holy name [Japa] and in the immovable I am the Himalayan.

Brahma, the first creature in the universe, gave birth to several sons to breed different species. The most powerful of his sons is Burg, who is also the greatest sage.

 Of all the transcendental vibrations, "om" (omkara) represents the highest one. Of all the offerings, the chanting of Halle Krishna, Halle Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Halle Halle / Halle Lama, Halle Lama, Lama Lama, Halle Halle is the purest expression of Krishna. 

Animal sacrifice may be recommended, but there is no talk of violence in providing Halle Krishna, Halle Krishna. It's the simplest and purest. Whatever is enhanced in the world is Krishna's expression. 

Therefore, the Himalayas, the largest mountain in the world, represent him. A mountain called Mel was mentioned in the previous section, but Mel is sometimes agile while the Himalayas are never agile. Therefore, the Himalayas are larger than Mel. 

 Here Krishna says he is a great sage of the Burg tribe. Bhrgu Muni was Saptarishis, one of the seven great sages. 

Burg was born of the fire of sacrifice when Sir Brahma made a tribute to Varna. He has become one of the many Prajapati, or creative ancestors. Bhrgu Muni is the father of astrology. 

He wrote Bhrgu Samhita, the first book on astrology calculations. This sacred science began with Bhrgu Muni. Astrologers pray to him for their reading instruction.

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