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What Are The Astrological Benefits By Wearing Yellow Topaz Ring ?

What is the Topaz (Yellow) stone? 

Yellow topaz is composed of fluorine, silica and aluminum and belongs to the fluorosilicate family. 

 The name of this Topaz is associated with various words from different languages ​​such as “Tapas” from Sanskrit, “Topazus” from Latin, “Topace” from Old French and “Tapooz” from Hebrew. 

 This gemstone is found in many countries such as Brazil, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Australia, Pakistan, Italy, Norway and Flinders Island. 

 A yellow topaz gemstone that scores 8/10 on the Moh hardness scale and is found in a range of elegant colors such as bright yellow, pale yellow, greenish yellow and golden brown.

Characteristics :

1.Untreated yellow topaz will be pale yellow to yellow in color. 

2. It must be free of black impurities.

 3. It should have excellent clarity and not have any opaque characters. 

4. They should not be dyed or enhanced.

Identifiction :

1. Yellow Topaz must be absolutely transparent and free from any visible impurities. 

 2. They must not be artificially colored. 

 Topaz is a very popular gemstone and it was also mentioned 2000 years ago. Besides being a healing crystal, Vedic astrology considers yellow topaz to be a very effective gemstone that offers many benefits to its wearer. It is also used as an ornamental very widely as it is one of the brightest gemstones in high demand among jewelers as well as jewelry lovers. At GemPundit, we offer lab-certified gemstones that meet our stringent quality assurance standards.

Astrological Benefits of Topaz?

As a less expensive gemstone, the yellow topaz gemstone is known for its looks and benefits, which reinforces its importance in both jewelry and astrology. The Egyptians believed that a yellow topaz stored and contained the sun's rays. Above all, a yellow topaz is known to be ruled by the celestial body of the Sun, granting it great enchanting powers to heal them and those who bear it with countless benefits. 

 Bringing peace and tranquility to the mind, a yellow topaz is known to bring happiness to its wearer. 

 By removing negativity and evil, the wearer of a yellow topaz will feel relief from the depression, anxiety, regret and hopelessness associated with the past. 

 Increasing the power of concentration, this gemstone allows its wearer to be more creative and advance in research. 

 Improving control of anger and rage, Yellow Topaz brings calm and joy to the wearer. Yellow topaz 

  is also known as a stone that gives the wearer a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment of material desires. 

 Alternatively, this gemstone is associated with pride, sanity, honesty, intelligence, devotion, kindness, and sincerity. 

 The healing properties of golden topaz include healing liver problems, jaundice, chronic memory loss, insomnia, and aggression. 

 In addition, the yellow topaz gemstone is beneficial in liver ailments, fever, appetite, colds, coughs and indigestion. 

 By calming the mind of the wearer, it cures mental disorders, suicidal tendencies and nervous breakdowns.

How to Wear ?

Since the yellow topaz represents the planet Jupiter, it affects all aspects of life governed by this planet. The benefits offered by this gemstone include improved financial status of the wearer, wealth and honor. This gemstone is said to bring stability in life and is recommended for those who are looking for a stable relationship with their partner. Overall, it reduces the level of despair and hopelessness in life and brings about positive changes in personality.

To get the maximum benefit from yellow topaz, you should follow the necessary steps to clean the stone and prepare it for import. You can wear gold topaz as a ring or pendant, preferably in gold. Otherwise it can also be ordered with panchdhatu. If it is worn as a ring, it should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. Remember to wear it on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksh before sunrise. 

 Prepare a ring or pendant to wear with the following items. Place it in the bottom of a metal bowl and add the following: 

 1. Ganga Jal 

 2. Tulsi (Indian basil) leaves  

 3. Unboiled cow's milk 

 4. Honey 

 5. Ghee (clarified butter) 

 Cast the spell after 108 times, to energize the ring 

 "Om Gram Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah" 

 Hold the ring/pendant for 510 minutes in the bowl and can then be immediately removed from the bowl and rinsed with water and worn on the little finger of the right hand.

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